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How MM1 teamed up with Trnd and Eric Hinman to change how fitness enthusiasts shop for supplements

MM1: High-quality supplements that bridge the gap between performance, recovery and nutrition.  $283.84 Average revenue per drop. 3.78% Highest conversion
Since 2008, MM1’s supplements have powered athletes. Partnering with top-tier creators like Eric Hinman, we bridge fitness and nutrition to inspire peak performance.
Eric Hinman’s curated MM1 store on Trnd offers an unparalleled shopping experience. His trusted recommendations and product stacks connect customers with products that match their active lifestyles.
MM1’s partnership with Trnd is more than a business move; it’s a commitment to our community.”
– MM1

MM1 & The Creator Connection

MM1 has always been about enhancing performance with top-notch supplements.

Collaborating with athletes like Eric Hinman isn’t just about the endorsements. It’s about sharing authentic experiences and real-life insights with other athletes looking to achieve the same results.

Zero extra effort

Eric Hinman already worked with Trnd to create a more authentic personalized shopping experience for his followers.

Partnering with Trnd was easy. MM1 seamlessly connected their Shopify store to Trnd in minutes.Eric Hinman got access to add MM1 products to his store immediately.

MM1 automatically adds products from their Shopify into Trnd, and Eric automatically sees the products he can promote.

Eric Hinman’s curated collection

Eric Hinman’s Trnd storefront isn’t just about selling supplements.

It’s a carefully crafted selection, resonating with his journey as an athlete.

It’s where trust meets quality, turning recommendations into lifestyle inspiration.

Eric's Trend store, showing all his drops, alongside a drop for Ketone IQ from MM1

Making partnerships easy

Shopify updates. Trnd updates.

Running long term partnerships with Trnd is easy. With Shopify directly connected to Trnd, any updates MM1 makes on the store are automatically reflected in Eric Hinman’s Trnd store.




And Trnd encourages larger orders

Athletes share exactly which MM1 supplements they use to maximize athletic performance, nutrition and recovery.

They share Trnd curated carts with the various multiple supplements they use for different athletic results.

And customers can buy all the supplements they need in one click or  subscribe monthly.

Interface of Eric's drop, where he suggests his workout stacks with the option for the viewer to purchase the subscription

The Results

Various MM1 products

5 drops

multi-product recommendations


Average revenue per drop


Average orders per drop

When I’m promoting the MM1 supplements I use, I add my Trnd drop link to my content and my audience can buy immediately from me– But, MM1 still manages dispatch and fulfillment. I get more sales, MM1 gets more sales and my followers get the best experience.”
– Eric Hinman



Nov-Dec 2023

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