Creating a better grip with Pushup Chalk x Trnd

Pushup Chalk and Shaylee Williams reinvent gym chalk shopping, dramatically boosting conversion rates

Shaylee Williams and Pushup Chalk: 13% conversion in the first 24 hours

The Pushup Chalk Difference

At Pushup Chalk, our goal is simple: enhance the gym experience with the perfect chalk solution. Working with athletes like Shaylee Williams, we’ve gone beyond creating products – we’ve shaped a seamless buying experience, letting athletes concentrate on their performance without distractions.”
– Anthony Whalen, CEO & Founder

The results

Conversion rates soared


orders in 24 hours


conversion for the first drop


overall clickthrough conversion rate over two weeks

Strength meets relatability: the influencer connection

Pushup Chalk isn’t just about a product; it’s about enhancing the gym routine.

Partnering with influencers like Shaylee Williams brings a personal touch for Pushup Chalk’s brand; connecting the products with real workout experiences, and showing how it fits into daily gym life.

As a dedicated Crossfit athlete, Shaylee’s  instagram channel is workout-focused yet hilarious and relatable. It’s just what you need to get inspiration for a 5 am workout.

Curated by Shaylee:
Chalk dirty to me

Shaylee’s Trnd storefront is more than a collection of links or discounts; it’s her endorsement of what works best in the gym.

Her personal experience as a busy mom and as an athlete is right there shared in the drop description. When her followers purchase the chalk through Shaylee’s link, it feels like they’re buying it directly from her.  And it shows. The day she shared the drop, the conversions went through the roof.

Sheylee's Pushup Chalk Trnd store

In Shaylee’s words: connecting with followers

Working with Pushup Chalk and Trnd has been awesome. Trnd lets me share products I use and believe in. It’s about offering my followers a seamless experience getting something that truly adds value to their workouts.”
– Shaylee Williams
Comments on Shaylee's Instagram Reel: "I need to get some of that chalk!" "That's the best chalk out there!"

The Trnd impact

From customer experience to insights

Sheylee's Pushup Chalk Trnd store
Shaylee's insights on Trnd: 34 orders. $726.72 revenue generated. $87.72 total commission
Pushup Chalk's Brand Insights on Trnd's Brand Portal: 9.28% conversion rate, 442 clicks, 41 orders. Shaylee Williams top performing creator.

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