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New on Trnd: Connect & Discover

Effortlessly build your influencer network with creators who truly align with your brand

Multiple influencers that have applied to work with a brand via Trnd


Build a constant pool of creator applicants

Using Connect and Discover, your brand can effortlessly build a steady pool of creators who align with your values and audience. This feature shifts the strategy from outbound to inbound, allowing creators to find and apply to collaborate with you. Whether you're in fashion, tech, food, or travel, this approach fosters more genuine and effective partnerships across various industries.

  • Inbound Approach: Enable creators to apply for collaboration, reducing time spent on cold outreach and lengthy follow-ups, and improving response rates.
  • Genuine Partnerships: Engage with creators who have a real interest in your products, enhancing collaboration quality.

Connect with Creators that resonate with your brand

Design your application form in Trnd and get discovered by influencers who align perfectly with your brand.

Title: Create a catchy title reflecting your brand's voice, e.g., "[Company] Creator Community," "Ambassador Applications Open!," or "Become Our Brand Advocate!"

Description: Share your brand's vision. Example: "Seeking [ideal creator] to join our [Brand Creator Community Name]. Selected creators get exclusive campaign access and select products."

Hashtag: Create a program-specific hashtag, e.g., #JoinTheMovement, #[Brand]Ambassadors, #[BrandName]Insiders.

Requirements: Inspire and attract the right creators by clearly outlining what you seek in applicants. Describe your ideal creator's qualities, passion, and alignment with your brand values. Highlight the benefits of joining, such as gaining access to exclusive campaigns, commissions, product discounts and product updates.

Application Information: Capture the essential information your brand needs to understand and assess potential ambassadors. You can select and add the following:

  • name
  • Email
  • Handle
  • Following
  • Niche
  • Location
  • Etc
  • (Custom option)

Now that you have creators applying to you, select the ones that align with your brand and upcoming campaigns you are running!

Match Creator Type to Your Goal: Identify the type of influencer based on your objectives – social media influencers for brand reach, experts for product credibility, or customers for genuine feedback.

Evaluate Fit: Look for authenticity, alignment with brand values, and potential for long-term relationships when reviewing applicants.

Connect and Engage: Reach out to creators, share relevant program information, and send a gifted item right in Trnd to provide an experience with your product. Follow up to ensure they received the item, offer support for content creation, and encourage them to share their genuine experiences with their audience.

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