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Trnd Launches Advanced Brand Analytics

Empowering Brands with Actionable Creator Performance Metrics and Data-driven Insights


VANCOUVER, BC - Trnd, the leading creator commerce platform, announced the launch of its comprehensive Brand Analytics today. This new feature transforms how brands evaluate their influencer marketing strategies, offering unprecedented insights into creator performance, audience engagement, and conversion metrics.

The surge in demand for concrete, actionable data within influencer marketing underscores the launch. Trnd's Advanced Brand Analytics emerges as a solution to a long-standing gap in the market—a unified platform capable of spanning the full funnel of influencer engagement, from initial awareness through to final sales performance. This suite of analytical tools dives deep into various metrics, including drop conversation rates, funnel metrics, creator performance, and audience demographics, marking a significant leap in the strategic optimization of influencer marketing.

"At Trnd, we're passionate about creating connections that matter. We believe in empowering brands and creators with the tools they need to engage audiences effectively and drive real results," stated David Abbey, CEO and Co-Founder of Trnd. "The introduction of Advanced Brand Analytics underscores our commitment to innovation, offering a crystal-clear window into the performance and ROI of influencer programs and enabling brands to craft strategies that resonate deeply with their target audience."

Trnd Advanced Brand Analytics include:

  • Revenue Report: Delivers insights into the financial performance of brand-creator collaborations, with a focus on total revenue and units sold.
  • Social Report: Aids brands in fine-tuning their social media strategy in collaboration with influencers, highlighting key metrics such as average Instagram engagement.
  • Drops Report: Allows for the evaluation of individual promotions or "drops," emphasizing conversion rates, revenue, and customer engagement metrics.
  • Creators Report: Offers a detailed look at the impact of influencer partnerships on the brand, tracking active influencers, total promotions, and overall orders.
  • Products Report: Analyzes the performance of products within the influencer ecosystem, detailing units sold and revenue.
  • Location Report: Provides insights into geographic performance, identifying regions of high engagement and potential for marketing strategy optimization.
  • Gifting Report: Assesses the impact of product gifting on campaign success, from initial distribution to final order conversion.

Influencer commerce keeps expanding as a sales channel for brands, highlighting the need for accessible, actionable insights and the ability to scale programs efficiently. With Advanced Brand Analytics, Trnd establishes a new industry benchmark, providing brands with the competitive edge required to succeed in today’s digital marketplace.

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About Trnd

At Trnd, we're building the future of social commerce, bridging the gap between potential and success for brands and creators alike. As an innovative platform for creator commerce, Trnd is set to transform how brands and creators generate revenue on social media. We empower influencers with the ability to launch their own social stores, facilitating instant transactions directly within their content across any channel. This approach moves beyond the limitations of traditional link trees and affiliate links, which often lead to consumer frustration and diminished ROI. Trnd enhances the social shopping experience, significantly improving conversion rates and boosting revenue. By merging a superior consumer experience with instant transactions from creator storefronts and a robust analytics platform, Trnd delivers clear, measurable insights into the effectiveness of creator programs, setting a new standard in the industry.

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