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Trnd Unveils Its Creator Commerce Platform at Shoptalk 2024: A New Era for Social Shopping

Introducing the future of creator storefronts made for social with Trnd.

3 phones show the Trnd platform. A welcome screen, a product drop and brand insights.


VANCOUVER, BC - Trnd, the new creator commerce platform, is poised to redefine the way brands and creators convert followers to customers across all channels. Trnd is excited to introduce a solution designed to enhance the effectiveness and profitability of influencer collaborations. Although 78% of companies plan to incorporate influencers into their marketing strategies, the status quo of referral links and discount codes creates a poor experience for the consumer, eroding the brand experience program ROI, and creator value. Trnd offers a unique way for influencers to create their own multi-brand social stores that enables instant transactions without leaving their content on any channel. Unlike link trees or affiliate links that lead to multiple clicks, consumer frustration, and poor ROI, Trnd enables an elevated social shopping experience that maximizes conversion and increases revenue.

The Trnd platform

“At Shoptalk 2024, the stage is set for unveiling the latest in retail innovation, and Trnd is at the heart of this transformation. With the pace at which social commerce is evolving, we’ve yet to see a solution that truly meets the needs of the brand, creator and consumer in a single unified platform and seamless experience. With Trnd, we are combining a superior consumer experience that drives instant social transactions from creator storefronts, with a robust brand platform that offers clear, measurable insights into the impact of creator programs. We're excited to showcase how Trnd can streamline and empower influencer marketing strategies for brands looking to navigate the future of retail,” states David Abbey, CEO and Co-Founder of Trnd.

Anticipating significant growth in social commerce, which is projected to reach USD 6.2 trillion by 2030 at a CAGR of 31.6%, Trnd addresses several main challenges: transforming the social buying experience for consumers; unlocking data and streamlining brand management for creators into a single app; and surfacing key data, ROI and analytics for brands measuring influencer campaign ROI. A staggering 91% of shoppers are more likely to return to a brand with a satisfying checkout process, according to a 2022 PYMNTS report. Unlike the status quo of social shopping experience that is riddled with friction and conversion barriers, Trnd’s instant checkout enables a positive buying experience, strengthening the relationship between the creator, the brand and the consumer.  

While driving conversion is critical, measuring influencer campaign performance across the entire cycle from social engagement to sales is what’s driving program success and resource allocation. Yet, measuring performance beyond engagement metrics remains a challenge for most teams. Trnd offers a solution that bridges social engagement with sales performance, equipping brands with detailed insights and analytics for every stage of the influencer program funnel, from engagement to influencer performance to detailed CAC metrics and real-time ROI for gifting programs. For Trnd, this is a unique differentiator and delivers insights previously unavailable in a single platform. This enables precise tuning of influencer collaborations and allows creators to quantifiably demonstrate their impact on sales, marking a new standard in the creator economy.

The platform includes a customer-facing creator social storefront, a creator app for personalized product curation, and a brand platform that provides:

  • Strategic business insights for decision-making with advanced analytics
  • Integration with Shopify and other e-commerce platforms for seamless operations
  • Instant checkout across social and digital platforms
  • Automatic payouts to creators
  • An automated gifting system to streamline and scale gifting programs
  • A brand discovery marketplace and creator campaign flow to grow and diversify campaigns
“With Trnd, we're not just launching another platform; we're offering a scalable solution that links influencer activity with sales outcomes," Abbey explains. "Our work with brands like Nena Skincare and Organifi demonstrates the power of enhancing the creator-to-consumer connection with actionable data. The possibilities are endless, when you think of click-to-sale conversion rates of 13% PushUp Chalk has seen in a single weekend.”

Shoptalk Las Vegas attendees are invited to experience Trnd's seamless social checkout firsthand and receive exclusive gifts from Organifi and Nena Skincare at Booth 1781 during Shoptalk Las Vegas.

About Trnd

At Trnd, we're building the future of social commerce, bridging the gap between potential and success for brands and creators alike. As an innovative platform for creator commerce, Trnd is set to transform how brands and creators generate revenue on social media. We empower influencers with the ability to launch their own multi-brand social stores, facilitating instant transactions directly within their content across any channel. This approach moves beyond the limitations of traditional link trees and affiliate links, which often lead to consumer frustration and diminished ROI. Trnd enhances the social shopping experience, significantly improving conversion rates and boosting revenue. By merging a superior consumer experience with instant transactions from creator storefronts and a robust analytics platform, Trnd delivers clear, measurable insights into the effectiveness of creator programs, setting a new standard in the industry.

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*Social Commerce Market Size Worth $6,243.94 Billion By 2030

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