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Introducing Trnd's Gifting Feature

Expanding brand awareness, engaging new audiences and launching new products often relies on strong influencer relationships, especially for brands targeting specific markets or verticals.

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Elevate Your Influencer Impact by Gifting on Trnd! Say goodbye to manual, complex gifting processes. Trnd streamlines it all - from easy gift selection and automatic fulfillment with Shopify to insightful tracking. It's more than gifts; it's about boosting content, engagement, and sales. Grow your influencer campaigns effortlessly with Trnd.

Expanding brand awareness, engaging new audiences and launching new products often relies on strong influencer relationships, especially for brands targeting specific markets or verticals. Gifting programs provide a perfect opportunity to achieve those goals. Yet, the current methodology for managing influencer gifting is often manual and disjointed. Community and influencer managers typically juggle multiple platforms for each phase: selecting gifts, allocating them to influencers, and tracking the results. 

That’s why Trnd has launched the new Gifting capability. In Trnd, Gifting simplifies and enhances the entire gifting process. Justine Brooks, a brand owner at Eco Living Club, shares her experience:

"Trnd's gifting feature has made it so easy for me to send products to influencers. I love how it automates everything and gets our products into their hands quickly!"

Here's a closer look at how Gifting in Trnd promises to change the way brands scale influencer programs:

Choosing and Sending Gifts Just Got Easier

It starts with picking the right gift. As Trnd is seamlessly integrated with Shopify, the whole ordering and shipping process is automated. Select a gift from your product catalog in Trnd, choose one or more influencers to send to, and the rest runs just like your regular fulfillment process. This means you can ditch the manual work and focus on what gifts will really hit the mark with your influencers.

Track Your Gifts Without the Fuss

With Gifting, you can easily keep tabs on every gift sent. It shows you who got what and when, so you can see which gifts are working best and adjust your approach as needed.

Make Smarter Decisions with Real Data

Gifting on Trnd does more than just send gifts. Gain access to useful insight on how these gifts help with content creation, social shares, and sales. Simplify how you identify the success of your gifting strategy. 

Grow Your Campaigns Smoothly

As you connect with more influencers, Gifting on Trnd grows with you. It’s built to handle more as your campaigns get bigger, so things stay easy to manage.

A great example of brands making big waves with gifting programs are Push Up Chalk and Flux. Push Up Chalk teamed up with numerous fitness and CrossFit influencers. Each one had their own way of showing off their routines with specific recommendations for the chalk. They posted unique stories, used catchy titles for Trnd drops, and even showed themselves sweating it out while using the chalk. Their followers loved it because it was exactly what they needed for their workouts. But behind the scenes? It was a huge task to keep everything running smoothly with so many creators involved. This included the distribution of the gifts, the delivery, the tracking, and knowing when the gifted items were delivered, just to name a few.

Flux is running gifting at scale with their gifting and ambassador programs. They went big with their running shoe giveaways, enlisting hundreds of runners as ambassadors. Each runner shared their own authentic experiences with the shoes, giving their followers the inside scoop on why they're awesome. Imagine the effort it took to send out all those shoes and keep track of everything

Creator experience 

Gifting on Trnd not only simplifies the collaboration between creators and brands but also provides visibility into the gifts and their delivery timeline. This transparency ensures that creators are always in the loop, from the moment a brand selects a gift to the point it lands in their hands. Here’s how Trnd makes this possible:

  • Gift Selection Visibility. Creators can see which gifts brands have chosen for them, aligning with their content and audience preferences.
  • Real-Time Tracking. Offers real-time updates on the shipping and delivery status, so creators know exactly when to expect their gifts.
  • Timeline Clarity. Provides a clear timeline for each step of the gifting process, helping creators plan their content around the arrival of the gifts.

Closing thoughts

Gifting in Trnd is here to make influencer gifting not just easier, but also more impactful. It’s designed to help your gifts do more than just reach influencers – they build stronger connections and help your campaigns succeed. With Trnd, each gift you send out is a thoughtful part of your overall influencer strategy.

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