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How to Successfully Sign Up the Right Creators for Your Ambassador Program

Are you looking to expand your brand's influence with the right creators? It all begins with how you connect with potential ambassadors and affiliates. Think of your ambassador program page and your sign-up form as your brand's handshake—how does it introduce your values and opportunities to potential creators?

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Take your brand to the next level with a well curated ambassador program. To start, craft a landing page that introduces your brand's values and opportunities. Make sure to outline the program benefits, share the perks, and make it shine! Utilizing a visually prominent call-to-action (like "Join Now") will easily guide creators to the next step. Don't stop here! Promote your program on social media and link it on your website so it's easy for potential ambassadors to join.

Essential elements of your ambassador and influencer program page

Consider building a landing page describing your program and adding a link to the sign-up page as a CTA. Make sure to incorporate the following elements:

Clear Program Description

What does your affiliate or influencer program stand for? Begin with a straightforward description. Let creators know your brand’s mission and how they fit into the bigger picture. What’s the structure of your program? What types of products or services will they be working with? Who exactly is your target audience? Setting this scene clearly sets expectations and builds a foundation of understanding.

Highlight Benefits

What’s in it for them? Clearly outline the perks of joining your program. Are we talking about attractive commission rates, exclusive access to new products, or substantial promotional support? List these benefits in a simple, bulleted format. This clarity helps potential affiliates see the value at a glance, making your offer hard to resist.

User-Friendly Application Form

How easy is it for interested creators to apply? Keep your application form neat and uncomplicated, asking only for essential information such as contact details and social media profiles. Why not add a FAQ section close to the form? It’s a friendly way to clear up common queries and help applicants understand your program better, right from the start.

Effective Call-to-Action (CTA)

What should they do next? Craft a clear and persuasive call-to-action like “Join Now”, “Apply” or “Sign Up Today.” Make it visually striking with a contrasting button that catches the eye and link it to the sign up form. 

Here’s how to build The Web Sign up Form in Trnd

With Trnd, you can easily create a seamless sign-up process for your ambassadors and creators. The best part? As soon as someone fills out the form, you'll see their information in your Trnd portal, ready for review.  

The Trnd interface: A web page showing the Ambassador Application Form for the brand VA; a list of applicants on the Trnd brand portal; and the profile of one of the applicants including their details.

When you access the “Creator Applicant Form”, you'll be able to capture the information you need and describe your program. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Give your form a catchy title. Consider titles like "[Company] Creator Community," "Ambassador Applications Open!," "Become Our Brand Advocate!," or "Unlock New Opportunities with [Brand Name]." Ensure the title reflects the voice and tone of your brand.
  • Add a description to share more about your brand. Are you looking to expand our [Brand Creator Community Name]? We're seeking [describe your ideal creator] who are eager to spread the word about our brand. If selected, you will gain access to exclusive campaigns and select products to share with your friends, family, and followers.
  • Consider creating a hashtag for your ambassador program. Suggestions include #JoinTheMovement, #[Brand]Ambassadors, #[BrandName]Insiders, and #Experience[BrandName].
  • Outline your requirements to attract the right creators. 
  • Customize form fields. Include fields for First Name, Last Name, Email, Niche following, Location, Social handles, and any other custom field you wish to add. 
  • Go further. Add a custom field and ask the creator why they want to partner with your brand or what type of partnership the creator is after (paid, gifted, ambassador)!

For more information on setting this up in Trnd, check out this article.

Now, spread the word: promote your ambassador sign up page

Website placement

Where can people find your ambassador program on your website? Put it where it's easy to spot, like in the main menu or at the bottom of your site, possibly under sections called "Partnerships" or "Opportunities." Why not give it its own special page, too? Make sure this page is straightforward and inviting. You might also want to add eye-catching banners or pop-ups on your most visited pages to catch the attention of potential ambassadors. Let's make sure your program stands out on your site.


To effectively promote your ambassador program, you can use your regular newsletters to talk about the benefits of joining. Include a direct link to the sign-up page in each newsletter to make it easy for readers to join. Another great way is to feature stories or interviews on your blog with current ambassadors. Talk about their successes and what they’ve gained from being part of the program. These real-life stories show the value of your program and encourage others to sign up. Also, consider writing helpful articles that guide potential ambassadors on how to join and succeed in your program. These can include tips on promoting themselves and your products, or advice on making the most out of the program's benefits. By using these methods, you give potential ambassadors all the information they need to join and succeed, while also drawing more traffic to your sign-up page.

Social Promotions

On social media, placing your ambassador program sign-up link strategically can make a big difference. Consider pinning it to the top of your profiles where it’s immediately visible, or incorporating it into your bio sections. During interactive segments like live streams or Q&A sessions, remind viewers about the program and direct them to the link. Also, when sharing posts or stories that feature your ambassadors and their success stories, include a direct call to action encouraging followers to click the link and learn more about joining.

Closing Thoughts

Signing up the right creators for your ambassador program comes down to being clear, accessible, and genuinely appealing. Craft a sign-up page for your ambassador program that's as clear as it is inviting. Explain the perks and the big why—why your brand, why now. Don’t just put it up there; share it everywhere—social media, your emails, your homepage. Make it impossible to miss, and watch as your tribe grows, not just in numbers but in enthusiasm.

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