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Trnd Launches New Gifting Feature to Enhance Influencer Campaigns

VANCOUVER, BC - Trnd, the new creator commerce platform, is set to redefine the way brands and creators drive revenue on social media with the launch of its Gifting feature.

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Designed to streamline gifting logistics and provide clear ROI for brands, the feature automates the selection, fulfillment, and reporting of gifts, directly linking these actions to sales. By seamlessly integrating with e-commerce platforms, it removes the manual labor involved in managing gifting, simplifies the process of influencer engagement, and immediately showcases the financial benefits of influencer partnerships.

Ahead of the highly anticipated ShopTalk Las Vegas event, Trnd is proud to announce the release of its Gifting feature. Trnd offers a unique platform where influencers can create their own social stores, enabling instant transactions without leaving their content on any channel. Unlike traditional methods such as link trees or affiliate links, which often lead to consumer frustration and poor ROI due to multiple clicks, Trnd provides a seamless and highly engaging social shopping experience. This approach maximizes conversion rates and increases revenue, aligning perfectly with ShopTalk's theme of fostering exceptional retail experiences.

The Gifting feature addresses the complex, manual processes often seen in influencer gifting programs. With e-commerce platform integration, Trnd automates ordering and shipping, freeing brands to focus on building highly effective campaigns that align with influencers and their audiences.

Key Benefits of Trnd’s Gifting Feature

  • Automated Gift Selection and Shipping. Brands can now integrate their product catalogue directly with Trnd, streamlining selection and automatic shipping of gifts to influencers. This eliminates manual efforts, enabling brands to focus on selecting meaningful gifts.
  • Gifting Program ROI. The Trnd Gifting feature offers valuable insights into how gifting programs impact content creation, social engagement, and sales. These insights empower brands to make informed decisions, optimizing the effectiveness of their gifting campaigns. 
  • Gifting visibility. Trnd enables both influencer managers and creators to know which gifts were sent and when. This visibility allows creators to plan their content and drops more efficiently, and for brands to measure the impact of their gifting efforts and refine their strategies for improved results

"As we approach Shoptalk 2024, we are thrilled to showcase how Trnd is transforming the retail experience," states David Abbey, CEO and Co-founder of Trnd. "The demand for a platform that effortlessly connects brands, creators, and consumers has never been higher. The Trnd Gifting feature meets this demand by streamlining gifting program logistics and providing brands with crucial insights into program performance, while Trnd as a platform enables instant social transactions. Our goal is to provide exceptional social shopping experiences, and at Shoptalk, we look forward to demonstrating how Trnd is setting new standards in retail innovation and customer engagement."

Visit us at Booth 1781 during Shoptalk 2024 for a firsthand look at the Trnd social shopping experience. Attendees will receive exclusive gifts from our brand partners and see the live demonstrations of our latest features announced during the Shoptalk conference.

About Trnd

At Trnd, we're building the future of social commerce, where today's potential seamlessly transitions into tomorrow's success. As an innovative platform for creator commerce, Trnd is set to transform how brands and creators generate revenue on social media. We empower influencers with the ability to launch their own social stores, facilitating instant transactions directly within their content across any channel. This approach moves beyond the limitations of traditional link trees and affiliate links, which often lead to consumer frustration and diminished ROI. Trnd enhances the social shopping experience, significantly improving conversion rates and boosting revenue. By merging a superior consumer experience with instant transactions from creator storefronts and a robust analytics platform, Trnd delivers clear, measurable insights into the effectiveness of creator programs, setting a new standard in the industry.

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