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Trnd is voted ‘Best in Influencer Tech’ by ‘Women in Influencer Marketing’

Wow! Trnd was voted Best in Influencer Tech by the Women in Influencer Marketing community.

Several women watch a talk at a Women in Influencer Marketing event


The Women in Influencer Marketing community, originally founded by Jessy Grossman, gathered to discuss the challenges in influencer marketing and the tech solutions available to take campaigns to the next level. Part of that discussion was demos and presentations of the latest tech solutions, with a focus on how they help solve challenges for both influencer managers and creators. Having hundreds of influencer marketers attend and ask questions live, was one of the best parts of the event. It’s one of the benefits of a virtual event –  getting to engage with the audeince and answer questions in real time — we had a blast!  Overall the event helped everyone rethink how social commerce works in the creator economy and how both brands and creators can take their partnerships and engagements to the next level.

Curious to see the demo we shared? Here are some highlights:

  • The Trnd social storefront is unique in it’s ability to capitalize on impulse purchases. We show how customers go from watching a reel on social to buying multiple products with just one click. 
  • A super simple and easy way to increase order size via curated multi-product drops. In Trnd, an influencers curated collection from your brand is ready to buy from one link.
  • How hyperpersonalisation, by the influencer at checkout, increases sales. The experience is more than shopping online, Trnd brings your influencer recommendations and product experiences into the checkout.

Watch Paige’s full demo to find out more. 

“The ‘Best in Influencer Tech’ event gave us the unique opportunity to connect with influencer marketers in real time. Trnd’s mission is to provide a solution for influencer marketing managers, creators, and customers alike. Starting with the experience of social shopping itself — Trnd is fixing the friction moment when an influencer’s follower wants to buy BUT instead gets an affiliate link with endless clicks and discount codes.”

“The usual experience goes like this —  a customer scrolling on social media sees a product recommendation they like. They click on the link and get dropped on the homepage and have to go through a clunky 20-click process to try and find the product they actually want to buy. Inevitably they give up.”


“With Trnd, the customer clicks on the link and is taken directly to a curated product check out that has been personalized by the creator. The customer sees your product with the recommendation and photos from the influencer they follow. All of this creates a shopping experience that keeps the momentum going for customers to purchase.”

“Trnd was voted Best in Influencer Tech because it’s changing how people buy on social. It’s a win for brands, win for creators and win for customers.”

Closing thoughts

Thank you Women in Influencer Marketing for voting Trnd as ‘Best in Influencer Tech’. Hope to see you at the next industry event!

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