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What to expect at ShopTalk 2024 in Las Vegas?

ShopTalk 2024 is in Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas March 17 - 20.

Stage photo of a previous Shop Talk edition


ShopTalk 2024, held from March 17-20 in Las Vegas, brings together retail leaders to explore the latest trends and technologies shaping the industry. This immersive conference experience delves into everything from fashion and electronics to beauty and groceries, offering valuable insights into evolving consumer behavior and equipping attendees with the knowledge to stay ahead of the curve. The Trnd team will be there too, excited to talk about the future of social commerce – how people use social media to shop, and how it can be a game-changer for retailers.

Trnd at ShopTalk 2024 in Las Vegas

For online retailers and brands focused on influencer programs, Trnd transforms the way brands and creators drive revenue on social media. Here's how:

  • Personalized Social Storefronts. Influencers create custom collections, making the shopping experience highly personalized and engaging.
  • One-Click Conversion. Simplifies the buyer's journey, allowing customers to move from discovering a product to purchasing it in a single click, significantly boosting conversion rates and ROI.
  • Authentic Shopping Experience. Maintains a personal connection between the influencer and the shopper throughout the buying process, mimicking a shopping trip with a trusted friend.
  • Seamless Purchase Integration. Ensures that influencer recommendations lead directly to sales, leveraging the trust and authenticity of influencer endorsements to drive purchases.
  • Enhanced Value for Brands. By making influencer marketing more effective and measurable, Trnd helps brands maximize the impact of their digital marketing efforts.

Trnd offers a transformative approach for brands to leverage influencer marketing, turning every endorsement into a direct sales opportunity. By enhancing the customer's journey with personalized, one-click shopping experiences, Trnd not only increases conversion rates but also strengthens the relationship between brands and their audiences. This innovative platform signifies a new era in digital marketing, where authenticity and efficiency coalesce to drive unprecedented growth and engagement for online retailers and digital marketplaces.

The Trnd experience: one click from link ok social media to checkout

Get ready to experience social shopping with Trnd!

Head over to the Trnd booth 1781 and experience firsthand how we're transforming the way people shop through social media. 

Here's an improved version of the blog section:

Get ready to experience social shopping at ShopTalk 2024!

Head over to the Trnd booth and witness how we're transforming the way people shop through social media.

Imagine scrolling through your Instagram feed, spotting a workout routine by your favorite athlete, Eric. Next thing you know, you see his preferred supplement, Organifi juice, appear – and guess what? You can get it for free as a ShopTalk gift from Trnd! That's not all! We have another amazing gift up for grabs – a sunscreen favorite from beauty influencer, Kaya, just like the one she uses in her Pinterest routine. Choose the gift you like the best!

But carrying heavy products around the show shouldn't be on your list of worries. Trnd has a smoother way to get your gift:

  1. Scan our booth's QR code. This instantly takes you to the Trnd checkout with your chosen gift already added and set at $0.
  2. Complete the quick checkout process, and voila! Your gift will be shipped straight to your door.

Discover how Trnd simplifies social shopping with this interactive experience at ShopTalk!

See you there!

We're ready for ShopTalk 2024, are you? It's the event for anyone invested in the future of retail. ShopTalk gives everyone the opportunity to see how influencer marketing and social commerce are evolving. Join us in Las Vegas to find out what’s next for the world of social commerce and make some new friends along the way. 

Booth 1781. See you there!

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